Nuts for Chocolate Coffee Frappe

July 16, 2017

Though I love tea, and I mean LOVE tea, I still have a crush on coffee, so what could be better then letting these two delicious beverages hangout together for a while?





5 Cubes of frozen coffee

1 cup of cold steeped Nuts for Chocolate tea

1\2 tbsp sugar

1/4 cup milk





Add a good amount of Nuts for Chocolate tea to your infuser.  Pour boiling water over and place in fridge.  Allow to steep until cold; at least a few hours.  You could do this in something as small as a mug or as big as a tea pot, it just depends on how much frappe you would like to make!


Pour fresh or day old coffee into an ice tray and place in freezer until completely frozen.


Once coffee is frozen and tea has steeped a good long while in the fridge.  Add 5 large ice coffee cubes to a blender.  Pour in 1 Cup of Nuts for Chocolate cold steeped tea.


Add 1/2 tbsp of sugar (Or more, depending on how sweet your tooth is), and 1/4 of milk or cream.


Blend on high until completely smooth.


Pour into a mug or jar and enjoy!



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