Strawberry Tea Slush

Honestly this is such a simple recipe but it is so worth it. It can curb that sweet tooth and bring your temperature back to normal, PLUS it's delicious!

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  • 5-8 Ripe Strawberries, leaves removed

  • 2 cups cold steeped tea (we recommend a fruity flavoured tea, especially berry based)

  • 1 tbsp sweetener (optional)

  • 20-25 ice cubes


  1. Steep a pot of your favourite fruit and/or berry based Tickled Tea and place in the refrigerator for at least one hour (overnight would be better for the best flavour)

  2. Once tea has cooled, pour 2 cups into your blender

  3. Add strawberries

  4. Add sweetener of your choice (sugar, stevia, or nothing if you are trying to nix the sugar)

  5. Add half the ice cubes

  6. Blend smooth

  7. Add the rest of the ice and blend until a nice slushy consistency has been reached.

  8. Top with a fresh strawberry and enjoy!

Strawberry Tea Slush
Strawberry Tea Slush
Strawberry Tea Slush

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