Iced Tea Latte

So we already covered how to make a delicious Hot Tea Latte, but what about those sweaty summer afternoons? Well then lets chill out a bit and put this latte on ice! This recipe is almost identical to the Hot Tea Latte recipe, with two major exceptions...cold milk and of course ICE!

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  • Tickled Tea of your choosing

  • Tea mug and infuser

  • Milk (any type will work)

  • Sweetener (I used plain white sugar for this recipe)

  • Emulsion blender/blender, milk frother or small jar with lid

  • Ice

  • Garnish of choice (ex. cinnamon, chocolate shavings, orange zest - depending on tea flavour)


  1. Choose your Tickled Tea of choice.  It is quite common for tea lattes to be made from strongly flavoured blends, such as a chai, however sweet and fruity teas are quite delicious too.  

  2. Measure twice the amount of loose leaf Tickled Tea you would usually use for one cup. You could even triple it if you'd like, for an even stronger flavour.  Place in your tea infuser and steep.  The longer the steep the better!

  3. While the tea steeps, Pour cold milk into a mug or jar.  Any type of milk will do, regular, almond, soy etc.  It is up to you!

  4. Add sweetener to the milk, to taste.

  5. Use an emulsion blender to whip the milk into a nice froth.  If you don't have an emulsion blender, no worries!  There are many ways to froth milk.  You could use a traditional blender, a fancy store bought frother, or even shake the milk in a closed jar for a minute.

  6. Remove your tea leaves and pour steeped brew into a blender with ice.  Blend until smooth.  Alternately, you could skip the blender and just pour your tea over ice cubes. Either way works!

  7. Pour the iced Tickled Tea into a larger cup, about half way to 3/4 full.

  8. Slowly pour in the frothed, sweetened cold milk.

  9. Top with a garnish if you'd like, find a sunny spot on the patio and enjoy!

Iced Tea Latte
Iced Tea Latte
Iced Tea Latte
Iced Tea Latte
Iced Tea Latte
Iced Tea Latte

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