Hocus Focus

Hocus Focus

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A stimulating and bracing blend of tea and herbs that may increase brain function, clarity and focus.


Ceylon Black Tea - an antioxidant caffeine boost

Cinnamon - improves memory tasks

Hibiscus - lowers blood pressure 

Rose Petals - reduces risk of cognitive disease

Ashwagandha - a powerful adaptogen to boost brain function

Ginko Leaf - increases mental performance

  • Brewing Instructions

    Amount: 1 Rounded tsp per cup

    Temperature: 212°F (boiling)

    Time: 5 minutes

  • Caffeine Content

    60-90mg per 8oz. Cup (average 8oz coffee contains 150-200mg)

    *Please note that caffeine levels can vary due to many factors, including water temperature, steeping time and amount of tea leaves used per cup.

  • Ingredients

    Ceylon Black Tea*, Cinnamon*, Rose Petals*, Hibiscus*, Ginko Leaf*, Ashwagandha*  (*Organic)

  • Shelf Life

    Please consume within 12 months from purchase

  • Possible Allergens

    *Please review ingredient list regarding your own personal allergy demand