Who is Tickled Tea?

Tickled Tea is a small home-run company specializing in handmade loose leaf tea's and tisanes.  

Based out of the little Alberta town of Stony Plain, each blend is hand-mixed with love and taste tested until perfection!

Tea has always been a love of mine and I want to spread that love. 

Each cup of Tickled Tea will soothe your soul, warm your heart and tickle your tastebuds!

Shipping Terms + Conditions

  • In an effort to keep shipping costs low, Tickled Tea can not provide tracking information for any shipments outside of Canada, and can not guarantee tracking information on shipments in Canada.

  • Orders will be shipped within 3 days of purchase, depending on postal outlet hours of operation. However, circumstances such as long weekends and holidays may delay shipping.

  • All orders over $75.00 will receive free shipping. :)

Disclaimers and Further Information

  • Tickled Tea is blended in a home kitchen.  This kitchen has been inspected, approved and permitted by Alberta Health Services for food handling.

  • The majority of our tea blends are gluten free and will be indicated so in each ingredient list, however we can not guarantee any possible cross-contamination of our ingredients.


  • If you are pregnant or nursing please speak to your doctor before drinking any of our tea's.  You and your baby are much more important than a delicious cup of tea.

  • All of our product pages have detailed ingredient lists.  Be sure to read over each tea ingredient listing before consuming.  If you have severe allergies or sensitivity please consult your doctor before consuming.

  • All of the caffeine content listed for each tea is an estimation. Caffeine levels can vary due to many factors, including water temperature, steeping time and amount of tea leaves used per cup.

  • We recommend storing your Tickled Tea's in a cool, dry, dark place for the longest shelf life.  Tea's containing fruit, nuts or vegetable pieces should be consumed within 6 months after it's purchase date, while basic blends should be consumed within 12 months after purchase.